Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

I have made my sweet Lorelai a dress every year for Easter. It is a tradition I really love.

Easter 2008: This was the first dress I made for Lorelai. She was only a few weeks old at the time so I bought a pattern and followed the measurements for a newborn. I noticed pretty quickly that this pattern was pretty far off size wise. At the time I wasn't really sure what to do to remedy it so I just finished the dress. It was definitely too big so I just put it away. I don't remember what she wore that year for Easter Sunday but a week or two down the road I braved re-sizing the pattern to fit my baby's needs and made her first official "made by mommy" dress.


Very cute but a little late to truly be her Easter dress.

Easter 2009: Well I remembered last years dress and dug it out. To my immense pleasure it fit my 14 mos old Lorelai perfectly. So I cheated that year I guess and she wore the dress I'd made the year before.


Easter 2010: My niece Natalee was born in January of this year and I thought it would be so adorable if she and Lorelai had matching Easter dresses. We could do pictures and would just be too cute to handle. I remembered the woes of patterns and newborns and was able to make a dress for Natty on the first try. When it came to pictures we were just plum outta luck. The girls were just not in the mood.


Easter 2011: Prince William and Kate Middleton were all over the news as they were just about to get married and I was totally lovin' on all the wild fastenators (sp? idk). That is where I drew a lot of my inspiration. I always had an Easter hat as a wee one and I felt like Lorelai needed one too, just a little updated.


My sister Bekah also got an Easter outfit this year. She was also more interested in modeling than Lorelai was.


(Easter 2011 pictures courtesy of Emily @ Freeze Frame Photography)

Easter 2012: Easter present. This year I branched out. I found some fabric that I loved so much I made the brave decision to make something for myself as well as Lorelai's traditional dress. These aren't my favorite garments I've ever made but on the whole I like how they turned out and it was really fun making something for myself.

(Images courtesy Emily @ Freeze Frame Photography)
I also threw in a little tie for my sweet Kent baby with the "manly-est" part of the fabric left overs I could manage.

photo (2)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that all you other moms out there are remembering to take just a little time for yourself.