Friday, March 29, 2013

K is for Kenty

My two year old Kent LOVES letters. He sings the alphabet, recognizes nearly all of the letters: both upper and lower case, and knows most of the sounds they make. He amazes me. So one day not too long ago I was browsing around and came across this fabric by Tim and Beck for Moda I HAD to have it. It's not too often that I look at a bolt of fabric and think, "Oh, that's just perfect for Kent". so I really couldn't let this one slip by. Ohmygoodness I love it, haha.

Almost as soon as I determined that I MUST have the fabric I also knew what I wanted to do with it. I've used this pattern by MADE before and I knew the time had come to use it again. I love this pattern and it is super quick and easy to follow. Start to finish it took me only 1 hour to make the shorts and the shirt. Well, sewing wise that is. I used my soft fabric paint and freezer paper to make the K so that added a couple hours for drying time.

I felt strongly that when I took pictures of Kent in this outfit it needed to be at the library and I am so happy it wasn't too cold outside when we went to story time to make that a reality. Here they are, enjoy!

After story time we go to the kids section and check out some books. Kent runs straight for this little blue chair to stake his claim. 004 009 The nice sitting and posing for me didn't last too long. This boy had to get his browse on. 012 (He loves Cars) 013 I managed to get him to stop and pose a couple more times. 011 010 Oh my goodness do you see that face?? This boy is so goofy. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked our letters! 017

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Justice League, Peterson Style

Project Run and Play starts this week and I decided it would  be fun to participate in this sew along as well. The first weeks challenge is Art. Our outfit should be inspired by something related to art, a piece or a movement. I chose comic book art as my inspiration.


We were already big super hero fans, it's no secret Kent is named after Superman, but my appreciation for comic book artists increased exponentially when I watched a guest artist at our local comic book store sketch on demand. He was incredible, I was so impressed I talked about it for days and here I am devoting two outfits to the whole idea!

I made Lorelai a Wonder Woman costume when she was three and I've wanted to make something else Wonder Woman related ever since.


SO for this challenge I made Lorelai a retro themed Wonder Woman shirt. I found this white knit for only $1! Pay attention, it'll definitely be making a few more appearances on this blog in the future. I used my beloved freezer paper stenciling to make the WW symbol I used one of Lorelai's few shirts that fit anymore to make the pattern for the shirt and I used the same legging pattern I used for these pants to make her jean shorts.

049 048 047

To make Kent's shirt I sewed strips of Superman cotton and red knit fabric together and then cut my shirt front from that. I added Superman to the bottom of the back and sleeves and then around the collar to tie it all together. I had to make to make the collar an open collar so that Kent's big dome would fit through, haha. His shorts are from the same denim material as Lorelai's. I made the patterns for both his shirt and shorts from ones that he already had. Super easy.


Here are some pics of the two of them together..

DSCN1195 DSCN1170 There you have it! The Justice League, Peterson style. DSCN1199 See you later!

I'm also linked up at The Train to Crazy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pink Hearts

Do you remember this sneak peak?

This outfit combines so many things that I love! I bought this fabric at the same time as that Girly Blue I shared with you the other day. I was in the mood to make leggings but I wanted a top to go with it as well. I actually had a top cut out (just like the girly blue) but I didn't want teal on teal so I had to come up with something different. I noticed I had a white Lorelai tee-shirt that was dying for some embellishment so I cut out two strips, one 1.5" one 2.5" ruffled them and then sewed them one on top of the other. I put it off to the side of the shirt to mimic the girly blue shirt. I wanted the leggings to be more than your average leggings so I gathered up the sides and added these super cute heart buttons I've been holding on to for ages. Love them. Love ruffles. Love teal heart fabric!

By the way, please forgive the poor quality of the photos. These were taken with my phone while I was waiting for my new charger cord for my camera to arrive.

Lorelai is the craziest little model! I had to include the pictures that happened when she was left to her own devices :) This is what happens when I say, okay pose!

Are you a fan of ruffles? Or hearts? Or heart covered leggings? Or crazy little models? Ha. Well, we'll see you again :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Manly Blue

Well, I don't know about manly blue but definitely "little boy appropriate" blue :)

Welcome to opening day of Kent's Spring/Summer collection! Remember Lorelai's Girly Blue Shirt? Here is Kent's companion piece. I know that fabric was labeled girl blue but I don't like labels and I was determined to prove my husband wrong.

I was inspired by this set of jams from MADE. I pulled out a white camisole of mine that had seen better days and cut it into the stripes.

After I sewed the stripes on and put the shirt together I stepped back and admired my work. (I do that, haha, I don't deny it)

 Unfortunately, there was no denying it. The shirt still seemed a little feminine but it was close, so close! I thought about it for a while and stared at it for a while and luckily for me inspiration wasn't too long coming.

The shirt needed an applique. Something undeniably manly. So here it is.

Not much more manly than pirates, huh, huh? I usually can't stand skull and cross bones, especially on babies. I don't think its edgy I just find it ugly.

When I saw this little guy on Jake and the Neverland Pirates I started coming around. I felt like this skull and bones was cutesy enough for toddler-wear. I pulled out the dreaded wonder under and went to work! I love how it turned out.
0408404657025 0408412111025 0408413851025 0408414135025 0408414987025 0408417460025 0408418546025

What do you think? Is this shirt sufficiently manly? Are you pro or con skulls? If you are pro it's okay. I'm pretty sure I'm alone on this :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucky Couture


There is a Sew-vivor Challenge going on over at the Family Ever After Blog. Ten contestants are competing for some pretty awesome prizes. Unfortunately I am not one of them but in order to challenge myself and stretch my sewing abilities I decided to participate in the sew along group.

The first challenge theme is: Emerald. Emerald was chosen because it is suppose to be the color of the year. I don't know who decided that but whoever it is didn't feel the need to inform any of the fabric stores! Finding emerald fabric was a pain. I did eventually find some that I love and was super excited to work with.

If you follow me on instagram
Instagram you should have caught sight of this little sneak peak:

I've had these beads for years and my mind immediately went to them and I knew I must incorporate them some how. I really enjoyed hand sewing them to the blouse, I found it very relaxing. I'm such a sewing nerd, I'm not ashamed :)

Let me tell you about Lorelai's outfit. I used a deliciously soft, white knit from Joann's to make this peplum top. Ruched sleeves are my FAVORITE and I admittedly over use them. I can't help it. I love them.
I found the fabric for the pants at Joann's as well and I was totally drawn to them because of the elephants and it was pretty much the only tolerable emerald-ish fabric. I think elephants are adorable and the Africa in me totally comes out when I see elephant anything so I snatched it right up.

I called this outfit Lucky Couture because it is St. Patrick's Day season and the the green and gold pants strongly reminded me of leprechauns and their treasure.

Enough chatter, feel free to admire the results ;)

That last picture is going on my wall. I love love love that beautiful girl!  I am super happy with how this outfit turned out. What do you think of my Lucky Couture?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Girly Blue

Welcome everyone! I'm so happy you are here for the "blog revival" and we are kicking things off with Lorelai's Spring/Summer Collection. The first piece- Some Girly Blue.

I bought this blue fabric ages ago. When I found it online I imagined it would be for Kent but when it arrived it just came off, girly. Maybe it's just me. Ha, I know it's not. My hubs constantly reminded me that was not a 'boy blue'.

I decided to use my fancy-tee pattern for Lorelai and whip up a quick shirt for her. I cut out the pieces and promptly forgot all about them, ha. That was while we still lived in California. We moved to Colorado back in August.

The cut out fabric made the move along with my other, many sewing supplies, and when I decided Lorelai needed some new clothes I went straight for it. Cutting out is my least favorite part of the sewing process and here it was, already done!

There was only one problem... Lorelai has grown.
A lot.
That's why she needs new clothes.

So I took the front and back pieces and my rotary cutter and sliced them from top to bottom, a little off center. I grabbed some white lace from my stash and added, what I think, is a very interesting stripe detail. Enough from me, see for yourself.

This top turned out quite perfect for a beautiful spring morning at the park.

You can see from these detail shots that I used pink thread. I may have used it because I didn't have the right shade of blue but we'll call it artistic freedom ;)

 What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you back again on Wednesday!

Friday, March 8, 2013

BCSC2013 Sneak Peak #2 Lorelai

Have you heard that the Banana Cherie Spring Collections are coming? I have been working hard putting together some new outfits for each of my kids and each collection will build up to the reveal of this years Easter outfits.

So with that in mind I thought I would share with you the inspiration board I put together for Lorelai's outfit.

3/18/2013 It's coming... Be ready :) 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BCSC2013 Sneak Peak #1 Lorelai

13 more days. Are you ready?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Be Ready

It's Coming...

Banana Cherie Spring Collections

Be ready :)