Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 4 Recap 2014

What did I do last week, what did I do?

Well, I accomplishd NOTHING.

Except that I did all of our laundry Monday morning.

Otherwise, NOTHING.

I felt like the scum of the earth all week last week and made real good friends with my couch. There is good news. My Dr called at 8pm Friday night to give me my lab results. That gave me quite a fright, what could they possibly need to tell me that couldn't wait until Monday and wasn't completely scary? Turns out it wasn't so bad. Apparently I am severely deficient in vitamin D. I'm not sure how I managed that because we drink vitamin D milk around here and I go outside. Oh well. I have to start taking supplements and after only two days of it I feel amazing! I feel so much better and I'm totally functional again. It wasn't just morning sickness after all. Go figure.

So I guess this post is more of a what I'll be doing this week because of the tiny thing I did last week.
Last week I volunteered to be a pattern tester for Kelly over at Sewing in No Mans Land and she chose me!

Yay! I've offered to pattern test for people before and but this is the first time I've been chosen. I'm a little excited. You can see the dress she made with this pattern here.

I picked out some fabric that is kind of a stretch, not literally. I mean its kind of a risk. Like, if I were on Project Runway the judges would totally LOVE it or completely eviserate it. I think I love it. It's different.
Here's a peek... 003

Alright, I've got the pattern printed and my fabric is ready to go. It's time to get down to business. I'll give little sneak peeks though out the week via instagram, you can find me on instagram @l1sapeterson, but I still need to find out how much of this process I'm allowed to share via bloggage.
Happy sewing everyone!

Update: Lorelai just asked why I have to make her a dress with open mouths all over it. Here we go...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Little Snow I Can Handle

Especially if it is a warm 52º!
The kids and I headed outside for a little snow time fun. Well, snow time fun for them... Mommy picture taking snow time fun for me. Prepare yourself for the picture overload :)









Grandma Myrna sent us this snowball maker last year and it is still a huge hit with the kids. And me. And Brett.





Goodness, it was a beautiful day.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 3 Recap 2014

It occurred to me last night that I had not posted my week 3 recap, oh snap!
Sick and miserable. That was my week last week. I did manage to get a little bit of knitting done and I'll prove it to you.


Thought I was knitting this for Kent? WRONG! Just kidding. You are correct but I could not get him still enough to pose for this semi complete photo shoot. Lorelai was ready to step up to the plate!

This shows you how big Kent is getting. Lorelai can wear the sweater vest that is only just a little bit too big for him. Hilarious. I may have her wear it once in a while.

So this is where I am at.. The front and back pieces are completely done. Shaping the neckline was such a PAIN! But look! Look, how amazing I did. Those sides are perfectly symmetrical. I started hating the sweater a little bit while I shaped that neck but now I am super happy with it.

From here I've got to sew up the sides and shoulders and then make the rib knitting for the neckline and arm holes. So close to done! Maybe there will be a complete look for next weeks recap? Haha, maybe not. Maybe back to some catvent.. no don't get your hopes up for that. A sneak peek at a new unexpected project? Most likely :) You'll just have to come back and see.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Date Night the First

Yay! Saturday, Brett and I got to enjoy our first date night of the New Year and I was only slightly stuffy. It felt so good getting out with just Brett after being trapped in my house for a week and a half. The kids were going crazy being locked up inside and the escape was wonderful.

For clarification sake I should state that it was really more of a date afternoon but it did the trick! I'll share with you the ingredients for a successful date afternoon.

I forgot to give the movie tickets a letter so I'll address them right now. Having a good movie to watch is an excellent first ingredient for a successful date afternoon. Equally excellent.. no kids.

A. You need a good looking couple.
B. An icee that costs as much as the movie tickets also helps. Not strictly necessary, usually we go with out.
C. An Aileen style selfie to prove that I am hip with the trends while dating my husband.
D. A picture in the light to prove we were both actually there and as good looking as I claim.
E. Proof for Brett's assertion that he looks semi creepy when he smiles in pictures. I have more to say on this maybe some day I'll address it.
F. Last but not least. Cold Stone bought with a gift card to eat later after the kids go to sleep.

Perfect. I can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let's Go Fly a Kite

The kids got kites for Christmas and we got to go fly them on Friday. Lorelai and Kent were beginning to think that we would NEVER get to fly our kites. I thought it would be months before we got a chance but apparently that's the California in my speaking. It was a little cold but we all had a blast. I love these pictures you can see the pure joy on their little faces.





089 Lorelai

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I May Have a Problem

I may have a problem. Last night I went to Michael's to pick up a ball of yarn so I can finish this sweater. The fam came along. I noticed after picking out the one I needed that this yarn was $1.50 off! That's a big deal in the yarn world! So I went to get this..
I came home with all this..
Anyone else do this? Please say yes. Haha, go me.

 My hubs can be a total craft store kill joy but last night he was the enabler. The blue I was allowed to purchase because he wants me to make a sweater vest for him and the pink, the pink! These were the only two balls there and we were totally transfixed by them. Its yarn and yet it manages to be iridescent. I don't understand how but I know I have to make something with it! I've got my eye out for the perfect polka dot pattern as we speak... In fact, I must get back to the hunt!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2 Recap 2014

I am finally feeling better! Didn't know I was sick? Well, I put on a brave face. Haha. Anyway I got a cold on New Years day and its finally gone away. Unfortunately though, last week was THE worst! I was so sick that I did almost nothing Saturday through Wednesday. I nearly had nothing to show for myself until I discovered on Thursday that vegging on the couch is extremely conducive to knitting. So instead I have a ton to show you! Enjoy the visual knitting feast!


Above: Here you are looking at the front piece worked up to the arm holes where I stopped and switched to working on the back. I should have started with the back but my knitting knowledge is rusty and I forgot. The back side is actually worked several rows into the armholes but its just plain so its just underneath the front. I love the pattern on the front. The pattern makes making the sweater worth it. You can see the detail a little better here below.


So much knitting was accomplished that this is all I have left of my ball of yarn. I'm afraid that I'll be needing to make a Michael's run in the next couple of days. Bummer :)


Well, not so much crafting this week. I had semi entertained the idea of getting a smidge of crafting in every day this year but thanks to my sickness that was shot before it ever took off. I think baby birthing in August would have ruined that plan anyway. Oh well! See you again next week and I'll show you what I've done.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Boy Jolley


So there was a baby shower this past Saturday! My good friend Colleen is expecting a baby boy next month and my friends Heather, Maria and I teamed up to throw her a shower.


There was an excellent turn out in spite of the five inches of snowfall and it was still coming!


Here is Rachel holding the the youngest guest Claire, Maira's baby. Super cute. Just fell asleep on Rach's lap out of the blue.


Colleen was a super enthusiastic present opener and that made it so fun for everyone.



Did you notice Jill there in the black? Only 10 days left until her due date! There were 7 pregnant women all together. LOTS of babies coming in over here!


Maria was so kind to let us use her house and she made a super sweet decoration to hang over the table. Simple and adorable.


This was such a fun event. So much chatting and laughter. Heather told some pretty ridiculous, the nurses in the room told some nasty stories, and there were some pretty hilarious toddler penis stories told to terrify the mom to be. Haha, Kent may or may not have been the star of a couple of those stories.

At the end of the fun our friends were sent home with some adorable party favors, if I do say so myself. A cutie for Colleens Cutie. Ah, I love it :)

So much fun and so much work! Another shower next Saturday and thankfully I'm not in charge of that one!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 1 Recap (2014)

Hey y'all I hope this past weekend treated you well! In keeping with my new Monday morning tradition I am recapping for you all the craftiness that went down last week. Not a lot, but more than in the recent past.


Last Monday, a little late to the game (a lot late to the game), I started making my own catvent quilt. Since I am not forced to do a square a day, because all of the patterns are already posted, I've made a few each day as I have pleased. I am extremely happy with how it is coming out. All the fabrics for this tiny quilt are bits of what I had hanging out in my Crafty Corner- a totally new concept for me. I usually have to go to Joann's for SOMEthing but so far I've got everything I need. Go me!
I think this one is my favorite so far. It's hard to say, maybe I shouldn't try to choose.


New Years Day I began knitting a sweater vest for Kent. It involves some intermediate cables and I love them. Working on this sweater really exercises my mind and I love the color. Hopefully I finish it this time!


In the picture you can see that the pattern is just starting to emerge. Progress on this was halted due to the pressing matter of the impending baby shower so I switched to baby shower mode.

I made these super simple origami diapers to use as name tags. Inside four of them there was a little sticker indicating a poo. The lucky ladies with a poo in their nappy got a small prize!


It was a good week. I can even say, I crafted my way into 2014! Haha, at least I amuse myself :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Afternoon at the Park

Last year Rachel and I were die hard park goers. It seems like nothing has changed but for some reason this year we just aren't getting out there as much. Well, today was in the high 50's and tomorrow it is suppose to start snowing for two days and we knew we had to take this chance to get out!

I am so glad we did! It felt so nice not being cooped up inside and the kids were so thrilled. See the cuteness for your self!

The girls branched out a little more but Kent was pretty much attached to that slide. That last one of him at the bottom of the slide melts my heart!

Friday, January 3, 2014

My Favorite Project of 2013

I don't know why but with the 50 some odd 2013 recaps in my blog roll I really rebelled against doing one of my own. But then I noticed that I hadn't yet shared my favorite project from last year and really, I shouldn't deprive you guys any longer. So here it is...

This year for Halloween Lorelai wanted to be Tinker Bell. I completely agreed. This was just the perfect age for her to be Tinker Bell not to mention perfect hair! How adorable is she? I made the dress with about 6 yds of green organza. I bought the wings at the dollar store and then spray painted them gold. Lorelai's shoes were a splurge from the Disney store.

 I realize Tink doesn't have anything in her hair, Lorelai was also sure to point this out,but, matching hair things are kinda my thing. I felt it was necessary and I think that had Tinker Bell realized this cuteness was a possibility she would have gone for it too.

Finally there is Bitty Baby. She got a costume too! I'm pretty sure everything I make for Lorelai from now on will have a matching doll outfit as well. It's just the phase she is in and I am perfectly happy to embrace it. Bitty Baby's dress was made from the scraps from Lorelai's. Her shoes I slapped together with some felt and yarn pom poms (just like Gma Myrna taught me to make).  Bitty Baby's wings are actually meant to be part of a dog costume but they fit this girl perfectly so I spray painted them too!

Happy ¿¿Halloween?? Everyone. I hope you enjoyed the flash back!