Friday, January 3, 2014

My Favorite Project of 2013

I don't know why but with the 50 some odd 2013 recaps in my blog roll I really rebelled against doing one of my own. But then I noticed that I hadn't yet shared my favorite project from last year and really, I shouldn't deprive you guys any longer. So here it is...

This year for Halloween Lorelai wanted to be Tinker Bell. I completely agreed. This was just the perfect age for her to be Tinker Bell not to mention perfect hair! How adorable is she? I made the dress with about 6 yds of green organza. I bought the wings at the dollar store and then spray painted them gold. Lorelai's shoes were a splurge from the Disney store.

 I realize Tink doesn't have anything in her hair, Lorelai was also sure to point this out,but, matching hair things are kinda my thing. I felt it was necessary and I think that had Tinker Bell realized this cuteness was a possibility she would have gone for it too.

Finally there is Bitty Baby. She got a costume too! I'm pretty sure everything I make for Lorelai from now on will have a matching doll outfit as well. It's just the phase she is in and I am perfectly happy to embrace it. Bitty Baby's dress was made from the scraps from Lorelai's. Her shoes I slapped together with some felt and yarn pom poms (just like Gma Myrna taught me to make).  Bitty Baby's wings are actually meant to be part of a dog costume but they fit this girl perfectly so I spray painted them too!

Happy ¿¿Halloween?? Everyone. I hope you enjoyed the flash back!


  1. yep. love it.
    you best hold on to this so i can borrow it someday for my future kidlets to wear for halloween.

    1. Done and done. It's hanging in the closet with Wonder Woman.