Thursday, January 16, 2014

Date Night the First

Yay! Saturday, Brett and I got to enjoy our first date night of the New Year and I was only slightly stuffy. It felt so good getting out with just Brett after being trapped in my house for a week and a half. The kids were going crazy being locked up inside and the escape was wonderful.

For clarification sake I should state that it was really more of a date afternoon but it did the trick! I'll share with you the ingredients for a successful date afternoon.

I forgot to give the movie tickets a letter so I'll address them right now. Having a good movie to watch is an excellent first ingredient for a successful date afternoon. Equally excellent.. no kids.

A. You need a good looking couple.
B. An icee that costs as much as the movie tickets also helps. Not strictly necessary, usually we go with out.
C. An Aileen style selfie to prove that I am hip with the trends while dating my husband.
D. A picture in the light to prove we were both actually there and as good looking as I claim.
E. Proof for Brett's assertion that he looks semi creepy when he smiles in pictures. I have more to say on this maybe some day I'll address it.
F. Last but not least. Cold Stone bought with a gift card to eat later after the kids go to sleep.

Perfect. I can't wait to do it again!


  1. finally, the secret to a successful date has been cracked.
    all these years, i would have never known.
    guess i'll have to give it another shot one of these weekends.
    what is brett's jacket made out of? it looks like a wetsuit...

    1. hahaha. His jacket is made of leather.