Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baby Boy Jolley


So there was a baby shower this past Saturday! My good friend Colleen is expecting a baby boy next month and my friends Heather, Maria and I teamed up to throw her a shower.


There was an excellent turn out in spite of the five inches of snowfall and it was still coming!


Here is Rachel holding the the youngest guest Claire, Maira's baby. Super cute. Just fell asleep on Rach's lap out of the blue.


Colleen was a super enthusiastic present opener and that made it so fun for everyone.



Did you notice Jill there in the black? Only 10 days left until her due date! There were 7 pregnant women all together. LOTS of babies coming in over here!


Maria was so kind to let us use her house and she made a super sweet decoration to hang over the table. Simple and adorable.


This was such a fun event. So much chatting and laughter. Heather told some pretty ridiculous, the nurses in the room told some nasty stories, and there were some pretty hilarious toddler penis stories told to terrify the mom to be. Haha, Kent may or may not have been the star of a couple of those stories.

At the end of the fun our friends were sent home with some adorable party favors, if I do say so myself. A cutie for Colleens Cutie. Ah, I love it :)

So much fun and so much work! Another shower next Saturday and thankfully I'm not in charge of that one!


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