Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I May Have a Problem

I may have a problem. Last night I went to Michael's to pick up a ball of yarn so I can finish this sweater. The fam came along. I noticed after picking out the one I needed that this yarn was $1.50 off! That's a big deal in the yarn world! So I went to get this..
I came home with all this..
Anyone else do this? Please say yes. Haha, go me.

 My hubs can be a total craft store kill joy but last night he was the enabler. The blue I was allowed to purchase because he wants me to make a sweater vest for him and the pink, the pink! These were the only two balls there and we were totally transfixed by them. Its yarn and yet it manages to be iridescent. I don't understand how but I know I have to make something with it! I've got my eye out for the perfect polka dot pattern as we speak... In fact, I must get back to the hunt!


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