Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2 Recap 2014

I am finally feeling better! Didn't know I was sick? Well, I put on a brave face. Haha. Anyway I got a cold on New Years day and its finally gone away. Unfortunately though, last week was THE worst! I was so sick that I did almost nothing Saturday through Wednesday. I nearly had nothing to show for myself until I discovered on Thursday that vegging on the couch is extremely conducive to knitting. So instead I have a ton to show you! Enjoy the visual knitting feast!


Above: Here you are looking at the front piece worked up to the arm holes where I stopped and switched to working on the back. I should have started with the back but my knitting knowledge is rusty and I forgot. The back side is actually worked several rows into the armholes but its just plain so its just underneath the front. I love the pattern on the front. The pattern makes making the sweater worth it. You can see the detail a little better here below.


So much knitting was accomplished that this is all I have left of my ball of yarn. I'm afraid that I'll be needing to make a Michael's run in the next couple of days. Bummer :)


Well, not so much crafting this week. I had semi entertained the idea of getting a smidge of crafting in every day this year but thanks to my sickness that was shot before it ever took off. I think baby birthing in August would have ruined that plan anyway. Oh well! See you again next week and I'll show you what I've done.

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  1. i think knitting while in the delivery room would show some serious dedication.