Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventures in Sculpting

Well my cousin had a birthday recently and she told me that she'd like me to make her a solid chocolate cat. So I did.

I could definitely use more practice, especially with color matching ( those in my defense I only have very basic colors) but I do love how my chocolate cat turned out!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Natalee's Blessing

I love baby blessings, I totally get all emotional and being pregnant during this one didn't help at all. I made the skirt and thought you'd all like to see....

Bekah's baptism is this weekend so the pics of her dress will be up soon :) Easter is also coming and I just picked up the necessary fabrics today :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lemon Cupcake Recipe

Here you go Stacey! I recommend doubling the frosting amounts, at the very least.

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Think Stacey is Going to Like This One

If you check my 365project you already know but a week ago I got out my apron to do some cleaning in the kitchen. Lorelai came up to me and asked, "baby's apron mama?"

I told her sorry but I needed to wear the apron because I had a lot of splashing cleaning to do. She was soooo said. You'd have thought I bit her. she was laying on the floor crying out big crocodile tears when Brett came in and said he'd take her with him to Home Depot to distract her from her misery. When he got home he told me that she tattled on me the entire car ride. Poor sad baby.

So on Monday I got some fabric and Tuesday I scoured the internet for a free downloadable pattern and I found perfection! Wednesday I whipped up this little beauty and Lorelai couldn't be happier.

She wore it all Thursday and Friday and Saturday after her birthday party (More on that later).

Well my mom liked it so much and I had fabric left over so she asked me to make on for Bekah. Desmond is the one who actually likes to help cook and will walk around the house carrying a box of brownie mix saying, "Wanna make it? A- brownies from the box, please?" So I felt like I needed to make him one too.

Cute stuff right? Now I need to find an apron pattern for myself :) I love aprons!

This is where I picked up the download/instructions.

P.S. Stacey I misplaced the lemon cupcake instructions. As soon as I find it I'll pass it over to you!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I've been having a lot of fun with cupcakes lately and I am getting pretty adventurous with the flavors I've been trying. Here they are!

S'mores Cupcakes
My thoughts on the cupcakes: Fabulous! In the future I will for go the graham cracker cake batter and instead only using the super delicious graham cracker topping. I also want to make Marshmallow frosting for the top.

Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes and Frosting
Super super sweet, the cupcakes were really much more muffin-esque than cupcake. In the future I will probably just use regular vanilla cupcakes with the rasp/whtchoc frosting. I think that'll be perfect. I'm also thinking I'd like to try this using strawberries.

Lemon Cupcakes
I chose to do this cupcake because I wanted to continue down the path of fruity flavors and my dad is a big fan of lemon bars. They were a huge hit! My dad doesn't super love many things but he really loved these cupcakes. The thing that really put them over the top was the uber yummy lemon/cream cheese frosting. After the cupcakes came out of the oven and cooled a couple of minutes I injected some of the frosting directly in the middle, ho ho style and then piped the rest of the frosting on top. Over the top goodness!

Lorelai's birthday is coming up this Saturday so there will be some more cupcake awesome coming soon!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bekah is Turning 8!

Bekah is turning eight at the end of next month and I'm gearing up for her baptism. I love the poem about the Three White Dresses and I want to make sure Rebekah and my little girl (and any future little girls) have all three of their white dresses.

This is the pattern I am plaaning on using

I am going to do the long sleeves of the first dress and the skirt and sash of the second. I'm pretty excited but I'm having a hard time getting my parents to pick up on the importance of getting started now!

I've got to make the dress

I've got to take pictures of her in the dress

I've got to sweet talk Emily into making the pics into an invitation for me

I've got to reserve the font and plan out the desert table

It's not that big a deal but it is all stuff that needs to get done a few weeks ahead of time.

I know its been a long time since I've blogged and I've got several things to tell every one about. I think I'm going to vent about cupcakes next. Lets see if I manage to blog again within the week.