Monday, February 8, 2010

I Think Stacey is Going to Like This One

If you check my 365project you already know but a week ago I got out my apron to do some cleaning in the kitchen. Lorelai came up to me and asked, "baby's apron mama?"

I told her sorry but I needed to wear the apron because I had a lot of splashing cleaning to do. She was soooo said. You'd have thought I bit her. she was laying on the floor crying out big crocodile tears when Brett came in and said he'd take her with him to Home Depot to distract her from her misery. When he got home he told me that she tattled on me the entire car ride. Poor sad baby.

So on Monday I got some fabric and Tuesday I scoured the internet for a free downloadable pattern and I found perfection! Wednesday I whipped up this little beauty and Lorelai couldn't be happier.

She wore it all Thursday and Friday and Saturday after her birthday party (More on that later).

Well my mom liked it so much and I had fabric left over so she asked me to make on for Bekah. Desmond is the one who actually likes to help cook and will walk around the house carrying a box of brownie mix saying, "Wanna make it? A- brownies from the box, please?" So I felt like I needed to make him one too.

Cute stuff right? Now I need to find an apron pattern for myself :) I love aprons!

This is where I picked up the download/instructions.

P.S. Stacey I misplaced the lemon cupcake instructions. As soon as I find it I'll pass it over to you!


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