Monday, April 5, 2010

Adventures in Sculpting

Well my cousin had a birthday recently and she told me that she'd like me to make her a solid chocolate cat. So I did.

I could definitely use more practice, especially with color matching ( those in my defense I only have very basic colors) but I do love how my chocolate cat turned out!


  1. i love how they're in the same pose
    oh shushu.
    get up. GET UP SHUSHU!

  2. I came over to see if you had posted the Easter dresses yet. I'm dying to see. But wow, I'm impressed with your sculpting abilities and the skirt. Looks like some yummy cupcakes too. I'll have to try to refrain from making them after my easter candy problem. Ha

  3. If that is chocolate, then I would eat it!!

    (thanks for the follow!!)