Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 1 Recap (2014)

Hey y'all I hope this past weekend treated you well! In keeping with my new Monday morning tradition I am recapping for you all the craftiness that went down last week. Not a lot, but more than in the recent past.


Last Monday, a little late to the game (a lot late to the game), I started making my own catvent quilt. Since I am not forced to do a square a day, because all of the patterns are already posted, I've made a few each day as I have pleased. I am extremely happy with how it is coming out. All the fabrics for this tiny quilt are bits of what I had hanging out in my Crafty Corner- a totally new concept for me. I usually have to go to Joann's for SOMEthing but so far I've got everything I need. Go me!
I think this one is my favorite so far. It's hard to say, maybe I shouldn't try to choose.


New Years Day I began knitting a sweater vest for Kent. It involves some intermediate cables and I love them. Working on this sweater really exercises my mind and I love the color. Hopefully I finish it this time!


In the picture you can see that the pattern is just starting to emerge. Progress on this was halted due to the pressing matter of the impending baby shower so I switched to baby shower mode.

I made these super simple origami diapers to use as name tags. Inside four of them there was a little sticker indicating a poo. The lucky ladies with a poo in their nappy got a small prize!


It was a good week. I can even say, I crafted my way into 2014! Haha, at least I amuse myself :)

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  1. too bad in reality the prize from poo in a nappy is just that...
    i dig your catvent colors. that top right one was one of my favorite layouts with my cats...
    can't remember it's offical name though.