Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Girly Blue

Welcome everyone! I'm so happy you are here for the "blog revival" and we are kicking things off with Lorelai's Spring/Summer Collection. The first piece- Some Girly Blue.

I bought this blue fabric ages ago. When I found it online I imagined it would be for Kent but when it arrived it just came off, girly. Maybe it's just me. Ha, I know it's not. My hubs constantly reminded me that was not a 'boy blue'.

I decided to use my fancy-tee pattern for Lorelai and whip up a quick shirt for her. I cut out the pieces and promptly forgot all about them, ha. That was while we still lived in California. We moved to Colorado back in August.

The cut out fabric made the move along with my other, many sewing supplies, and when I decided Lorelai needed some new clothes I went straight for it. Cutting out is my least favorite part of the sewing process and here it was, already done!

There was only one problem... Lorelai has grown.
A lot.
That's why she needs new clothes.

So I took the front and back pieces and my rotary cutter and sliced them from top to bottom, a little off center. I grabbed some white lace from my stash and added, what I think, is a very interesting stripe detail. Enough from me, see for yourself.

This top turned out quite perfect for a beautiful spring morning at the park.

You can see from these detail shots that I used pink thread. I may have used it because I didn't have the right shade of blue but we'll call it artistic freedom ;)

 What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by, I'll see you back again on Wednesday!


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