Friday, March 29, 2013

K is for Kenty

My two year old Kent LOVES letters. He sings the alphabet, recognizes nearly all of the letters: both upper and lower case, and knows most of the sounds they make. He amazes me. So one day not too long ago I was browsing around and came across this fabric by Tim and Beck for Moda I HAD to have it. It's not too often that I look at a bolt of fabric and think, "Oh, that's just perfect for Kent". so I really couldn't let this one slip by. Ohmygoodness I love it, haha.

Almost as soon as I determined that I MUST have the fabric I also knew what I wanted to do with it. I've used this pattern by MADE before and I knew the time had come to use it again. I love this pattern and it is super quick and easy to follow. Start to finish it took me only 1 hour to make the shorts and the shirt. Well, sewing wise that is. I used my soft fabric paint and freezer paper to make the K so that added a couple hours for drying time.

I felt strongly that when I took pictures of Kent in this outfit it needed to be at the library and I am so happy it wasn't too cold outside when we went to story time to make that a reality. Here they are, enjoy!

After story time we go to the kids section and check out some books. Kent runs straight for this little blue chair to stake his claim. 004 009 The nice sitting and posing for me didn't last too long. This boy had to get his browse on. 012 (He loves Cars) 013 I managed to get him to stop and pose a couple more times. 011 010 Oh my goodness do you see that face?? This boy is so goofy. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked our letters! 017


  1. You two make super cute kids I will give you that! PS. When are you going to move back to Modesto so that I can move back and u can teach me to be a mom like this????

    1. It would probably be better if you moved out here to Aurora for the time being.. Bring Teresa, I miss you guys!