Friday, March 22, 2013

Manly Blue

Well, I don't know about manly blue but definitely "little boy appropriate" blue :)

Welcome to opening day of Kent's Spring/Summer collection! Remember Lorelai's Girly Blue Shirt? Here is Kent's companion piece. I know that fabric was labeled girl blue but I don't like labels and I was determined to prove my husband wrong.

I was inspired by this set of jams from MADE. I pulled out a white camisole of mine that had seen better days and cut it into the stripes.

After I sewed the stripes on and put the shirt together I stepped back and admired my work. (I do that, haha, I don't deny it)

 Unfortunately, there was no denying it. The shirt still seemed a little feminine but it was close, so close! I thought about it for a while and stared at it for a while and luckily for me inspiration wasn't too long coming.

The shirt needed an applique. Something undeniably manly. So here it is.

Not much more manly than pirates, huh, huh? I usually can't stand skull and cross bones, especially on babies. I don't think its edgy I just find it ugly.

When I saw this little guy on Jake and the Neverland Pirates I started coming around. I felt like this skull and bones was cutesy enough for toddler-wear. I pulled out the dreaded wonder under and went to work! I love how it turned out.
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What do you think? Is this shirt sufficiently manly? Are you pro or con skulls? If you are pro it's okay. I'm pretty sure I'm alone on this :)


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