Friday, May 29, 2009

Banana Chérie?

Banana Chérie you ask?

When I was 13 mos old I went back to Africa with my mom to visit her family. I was quite verbal for such a small person and my mothers brother Colin really got a kick out of my tiny voice asking for bananas. He also endeavored to teach me to say banana as the British would. It was then that he dubbed me ' Banana Girl'.

I have decided to sell on Etsy. In the past four days I've sewn 4 bags, and 2 dresses; all for people I know and I feel like making a little money off it.

I was reading about a woman only a few years older than me, who has a career as a pattern designer. She started out selling her projects on Etsy. That could easily be me in a few years.

My cousin, who on Esty calls herself Emisaurus, and I have joked, for longer than I can remember that when we grew up we wanted a kiosk in the mall to sell all of our hand crafted goods. Well it looks like Etsy will be our kiosk realized. We call ourselves Emisaurus and Banana Chérie branches of the Carroll Cousin Creations.

Did you see where my Banana girl story came in? If not you might be a bit dense. I am the Banana Girl but I don't feel that is quite cute enough to be a boutique name so I've altered it a bit to be

Banana Chérie


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