Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Missing Bag

I'm freezing, tired and sore.

For the first time in a few weeks I got up and ran this morning. Ow! It was hard. My leg muscles were totally stoked and loving the exercise but my diaphragm and core muscles were suffering.
My poor body slipping into out of shape-ness, I'm glad I got up and ran and I hope, even though tonight is going to be just as late a night as the last 3 weeks, I will get up and run again tomorrow.
I'm freezing because I am waiting for the bus to pick up Desmond so I can take a shower. I was perfectly warm while running but when I got into the car afterwards, yikes!

Well for an update, these last few nights have not been frivolous. I've been working my tail off (figuratively) getting ready for this fair on Saturday. I finished 10 bags last night (go me!) and I dropped them off at the hospital so my mom can hand stitch the holes shut while I move on to bigger projects.
I just can't see myself mass producing bags this way again. I really like to do them one at a time. I like being able to listen to the impressions I get as I am sewing, the inspirations I get to make each piece its own kinda special. The 10 bags I made are nice but I'm not attached to any of them in anyway and I really don't like that. Next time I'll just have to pace myself better :)

I have 2 pettiskirts done, 4 halfway done and all the fabric cut out to finish the partials as well as the 3 pettiskirts I haven't even started. I should be able to get all of that done today. That is the first part of my two fold plan. The second thing I want to accomplish tonight is to get the fabric cut out for the American Girl skirts so I can sew those up tomorrow. Then I'll be done!

Good thing to because I leave for Sacramento tomorrow night. The fair is the day after tomorrow!! I can't believe its here already! I'm not quite excited yet. I probably will be when the skirts are done but I still have too much on my mind.

I'm off to re thread my serger (it's not scary, I love it!!) and serg my day away! Wish me luck.


  1. i see our moms are both being put to work sewing lining shut. haa haa.
    i took all my first batch to gmas on sunday and sewed them shut there while the adults did all the talking.

  2. You realize you are an adult right?

  3. no, not really...
    since i still get stuck down at the "kids" table.

  4. They are generational tables its hardly the kid table anymore.