Friday, May 4, 2012

Flower Girls

Jackee and Jared are married! My husbands little brother just got married and he and his *new* wife are living it up on their honeymoon in Disneyland. I'm so jealous, I want to be in Disneyland! Back when they got engaged Jackee sent me a text that got me all bajiggity (do you know that word?). She asked if Lorelai would like to be a flower girl (along with my niece Natalee) and would I make the dresses? Um, yeah, my birthday is in October but I'll take it, this is the best present ever!!

A few days later Jackee let me know that the colors for the wedding were going to be orange and blue. A Broncos inspired wedding for sure, not going to lie, we are Denver fans around here. My husband was excited to wear a bright orange tux and thankfully that didn't happen.

My initial idea for the dresses went something like this...
Image (3)
As time went on and I got a better feel for the kind of wedding this was going to be the design changed in my mind. I decided to make something a little more whimsical and definitely fun. I bought some blue and orange satin that I just loved, they were so vibrant! I also bought some ivory satin for the top but I just wasn't into it once I brought it home. After searching around for inspiration I went out again and bought some white lace.

I pulled out a shirt pattern I drafted for Lorelai some time ago and got to work. I modified it so that I could put a zipper down the back and I sewed the skirt right onto the waist so that it would be a one piece garment. Lorelai helped me when is was time to ruffle all the tiers. Here are a few action shots courtesy of my cell phone...
Image (1)
I love when flower girls have wreaths in their hair so of course these little girls needed some. I picked up my supplies at Hobby Lobby and whipped up the wreaths in an hour. I don't have any pics of the process but it was pretty simple once I brought out the hot glue gun.

I used some adorable chunky heart beads I got on clearance at Joann's, left over flowers from the wreaths, and some orange ribbon to make their adorable necklaces. They needed the necklaces to break up all that white on top and I feel like they tied the whole outfit together.

Finally for the shoes I bought some $6 white shoes from Wally World and with some mod podge, glitter, and some necklace left overs and transformed them into these cutesy little things.
The shoes were a trial in patience, a test I failed miserably, but I've already got a few ideas to make them better.

In the end the flower girls were a hit. Lorelai loved her dress, Natalee loved her dress that was "like Lorelai's dress" and the bride was thrilled with the results.

Not that I'm totally biased or anything, but I think these girls were the cutest, most colorful, and best behaved flower girls ever/

067 064 034
I hope you enjoyed these. I think Uncle Jared was pleased. Image (2)
This was his 'leaving for the honeymoon' outfit. He didn't wear it the entire time :)

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  1. These look adorable! We hope to see you back next week to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  2. so you may need to show me how you did these ruffles... i think they will be perfect for my halloween costume idea i've had brewing since before last halloween.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! They were a big hit with the little girls.