Monday, August 3, 2009

First Attempt

My first try at draping fondant. I ran out but do you like it so far? Are you proud of me?


  1. looks fancy :P
    was it just a practice cake? or are you going to use whats underneath for something else?
    i didn't comment before because for some reason my blog doesn't tell me when certain people update until, like now, a day later. ariana updated last night, and i went to check, and my dashboard didn't tell me she did and i didn't find her entry until after i got home again.

  2. Well clearly we need to kick the trash out of your blog so it will start behaving itself. Its totally a practice cake. There is a tupper ware underneath there. I am however going to use the technique for my in laws 25th anniversary cake.

  3. mmm tupperware.
    very nice.
    i need to establish the possibility of layering 3 colors/flavors of cake batter to make it look like a german flag when you cut it...
    as well as frosting the outside to look like one.
    suzanne's chocolate and strawberry marbled wedding cake inspired me to give it a shot for kasey's party. i also ordered some custom m&ms today for her party. should be fuuuuuun :D

  4. custom m&ms are awesome. It shouldn't be too difficult to layer the different colors of cake. BTW, flower lady never wrote back. I don't think she will.

  5. i just wonder how much cake batter i'll have left over. she still hasn't figured out how many people she'll have. perhaps i'll text her and bug her. i figure whatever leftovers i have, i can also make cupcakes for whatever small children are there.

  6. Thats true, or you could try you hand at cake pops :D

  7. heh.
    cake pops may be more effort than i desire right now. lol.
    they just seem to small.
    i did buy my three different cake flavors today, and it works that i don't have to dye any cake with food coloring.
    i got chocolate, red velvet and classic yellow :)