Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here is the Ugly House

Here is a photo update of the house buying saga. The house is officially ours and we have begun work.This is the view from my bedroom. We have a sliding glass door that opens to this patio in the back of our house.
This is a small view of the Master bedroom. I don't have a very good pic of the master bedroom.
This is Lorelai's room! It is the second biggest bedroom in the house not that she really cares at this point.
Guest Bedroom #2 aka Brett's Brothers room haha.
Guest bedroom #1 aka Emily's room.
My craft/ mostly sewing room!!!!
Room turned pantry/ year supply room.
Long hallway full of stuff.
My retarded kitchen. The kitchen will probably be the most impressive before and after picture.
Front/TV/dining room. We are looking at the front door.

So there you have it. That is it for now :)


  1. yesssss!
    i get the room that's formerly purple.
    haa haa.
    which room is going to change plans when you have another wee one?

  2. The formerly blue room is going to be painted as a boys room. So if a male wee one comes along he'll be stuck in there. If its a girl Lorelai will learn to share.

  3. You will loooove having a sewing room! Mine is my favorite in my house. I clap every time I go there. Well, unless it's time to iron my husband's shirts. lol