Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Week The Accessories

Katie had some very specific ideas about what she wanted for her bridesmaids/groomsmen and she banged out some awesome wedding DIY making bow ties for the fathers, pinwheel boutonnieres, and giant pinwheels for the bridesmaids to hold as well as fabric flower head bands for all the girls.

I also had some ideas for accessories for my kids. I ended up making three things.

1. A bow tie... for Kent...
I found the tutorial for Kent's bow tie here. I thought it turned out pretty fab and have made a couple for him since then.

2. A necklace... for Lorelai...
I really love making jewelry though I don't do it very often. I was so excited when I saw this pendant in the shop it was absolutely perfect. Lorelai loves having little necklaces just for her and loves putting them on but she'd kind of a punk about keeping them on. I noticed in the reception pictures she isn't wearing it anymore.

3. Shoes... also for Lorelai...
Since Lorelai was tiny her one true love has been shoes. My cousin Emily bought her a pair of little red high heels that Lorelai wore long before they fit her and long after. By the time Scott and Katie's wedding came around, even though they were sooo perfect, they were just too small. I hunted for another pair online for months but in the end I had to make myself let those shoes go.

I found this little pair at MJM for only $10 and since I found them in town, no shipping!! I didn't like the little decoration on top so I made two fabric yo yo's from the quilt scraps and hot glued them right to the top of the shoe. Then I glued on these red rhinestones and they completed her out fit very nicely.

Well, only one more wedding post left. Friday will bring us the long awaited for wedding out fits! I'll see you then. :)

Pictures were provided by Diana Nye


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