Monday, August 1, 2011

Wedding Week The Gift

When Brett's younger brother Scott told us he was engaged everyone was thrilled. He had been dating Katie for a short while but everyone could tell there was a special vibe between them. He had sent me a picture of the ring a few days before he proposed so the wheels in my mind started turning and by the time the official engagement happened I knew I wanted to do two things.
1. Knit a set of Christmas stocking. We have a pattern that is kind of a tradition on my side of the family.
2. Make them a wedding quilt in their wedding colors.

It breaks my heart but while I was making the stockings and quilt I couldn't find my camera so I took all the pictures on my phone...Now that phone is out of commission and I can't get any of those pictures. While all pictures of the stockings are lost to the world I did get some completed shots of the quilt.

I used this free pattern from Amy Butler. Here is what hers looks like...

And here it is in Katie's colors. I don't remember the exact finished measurements but it fits a queen sized bed.
It was too small so I added 16 squares and doubled the border.
The best part was that I machine quilted it myself! Field of Fabrics is a quilt shop that has a machine that they let people use after they take a lesson learning how to operate the machine. It is really fun and  I've already gone back with another project, but that is a post for another day!
I asked a friend of mine to embroider their anniversary and my 'signature' and I think it looks fantastic. Except that I feel weird putting my name on the quilt. It feels like bragging to me. But out there in quilt blogger world they say labeling your work is a must. The pattern I used even specified that I sign it because "future generations are gonna wanna know"
My husband helped me take all the pictures so I thought I'd give him a little credit here :)

Scott and Katie were married for time and all eternity on Saturday May 7. 2011 in the Oakland California Temple.
For more information on temples and the plan of happiness go here.

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  1. i am so totally using that quilt pattern in the near-ish future. i really like how the blocks turned out