Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peterson Family Pictures Fall 2010

Ummm 2010? Yes I know I'm a year behind but, Lorelai insisted on wearing this dress to church on Sunday. I get so many complements every time she wears it and yesterday was no different. It made me realize though that I haven't shared it with blogland.

Last year the Peterson clan wanted to do family pictures. Of course I was pregnant, just like the last time we did family pictures, major frumpy-ness ensued and I was not about to let that happen again! The girls are vastly out numbered but I was determined to work out a plan with my mother-and sister-in-law. Rachel loves green and I had this maternity dress..

Thus our concept was born! I wanted to make Lorelai a dress that would coordinate just right and when I went to Joann's I found the perfect print and this McCalls pattern was on sale.
Here it is
Photo by Emily

 Photo by Emily

Brett and I did our own little family pictures and a couple weekends later did more pictures with the entire clan. I had enough fabric left over from Lorelai's dress so I threw one together for baby Natalee. I found some ribbon at Beverly's that basically curled itself all I had to do was pinch and glue to get these fantastic over the top bows. Doesn't Natee look presh with her very enthusiastic grandma?

Haha, we worked so hard for smiles from the girls but it was mostly in vain. Here they are with Uncle Jared not smiling, but they are making the same adorable face.

I think we'll have better luck with the girls this year. Lorelai seems to have broken out of the non smiling faze. You can look forward to new family pics once Rach has the baby this August!

Come back soon though! Next Monday its the kick off for Wedding Week! Woohoo!


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