Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awesome Ironing Board

I have spent my entire married life using a table ironing board and it is awful!! I can not believe I put up with it so long but I have finally invested in a full sized ironing board. A whole whopping 14$ at Wal-mart. If I had realized they were so cheap I would have bought one ages ago.
Fortunately I ran across this amazing tutorial just a few days before finding my board and was able re-cover it immediately.
I'd show my step by step but I think that the tutorial handles it amazingly.
I really liked the tip on sewing the curves.
This project was so fun and the icing on the cake was when my husband came home he said, "Oh and you found a zebra print one, no wonder you bought an ironing board". He didn't realized I made the cover myself. It's totally my favorite when that happens!


  1. oh that brett... but it looks goos! i need my baby ironing board to be turned awesome. although, i kinda like it's spotty dots. such a toss up.

  2. SO cute, I just love zebra stripe!!