Friday, July 22, 2011

Mommy & Me Aprons

Desmond's birthday passed recently and soon we'll be going to Grandma Myrna's house to celebrate and eat cake with the whole family. Des asked me for a Transformers cake last year and I completely spaced. This year he asked again for a transformers cake and my guilt is making sure I don't forget. Lorelai told me a couple weeks ago, "don't worry mommy, I'll help you" and immediately I pictured us working on the cake in matching aprons...But we didn't have matching aprons.

I did have an old one and a bunch of fabric just waiting to be made into things for the kitchen. I gathered it all up and went to work. I used some muslin as my foundation and traced my old apron.
I guesstimated and made a mini version for Lorelai.
I pinned and sewed on the top.
Then, on went the waistbands!
I serged and hemmed three sides of each tier before gathering the top and sewing them to the skirts.

I added the neckbands last and I'm sorry I don't have any pictures because I did this part at one a.m. I used a snap stamping to pound in some snaps to attach the neck bands rather than sew the neckbands down. It is an awesome tool and much more fun than sewing in the snaps.
Here are some completed ruffles.
These aprons are perfect for posing for pictures.
They are also awesome for assisting disembodied granddad hands when making pancakes.
Hopefully they will also do the trick when the time to make the long awaited Transformers cake.


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