Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Fourth of July Part Three- The Clothes

Each new holiday automatically means a new, usually made-by-me, outfit for Lorelai and after seeing this inspiration on Pinterest I was raring to go! More about this later. After I had whipped up something for Lorelai I was thinking about her getting to wear it to out ward 4th of July party and to my parents ward on Sunday and it hit me... What would Kent wear? My sweet baby boy is no less deserving of something special made for him to wear. So the morning of the party a midst the cookie dough, and cake making, I whipped up this bad boy. This is my first ever article of boy clothing and I attacked the project with out so much as a pattern! I am a super beginner at making boy clothes so this is in no way a tutorial, I'm just sharing what I did.

First I cut out a front and back piece making the back about two inches longer than the front. I took some red scrap fabric from one of my old shirts and used it like bias tape along the neckline. Then I put front and back, right sides together and sewed up to the armpit. Then I folded over twice to sew the hem. I like to put two seams. I think it makes the work look more pro. I finished it off with the sleeves. I just eyeballed it and cut out some simple sleeves before attaching them I folded the back piece over the front and then basted to create a should. Then I sewed on the sleeves. To make the shirt even more legit and last longer I serged all my seams.

I'm afraid in the end this is the best picture I got of the shirt in action. Forgive me and enjoy.
Now for Lorelai's dress I had a lot of fun. I only spent $5 on materials! I de-boed (that's ghetto speak for stole) two of my husbands dindgey shirts and grabbed some material I had one hand and whipped up a self proclaimed masterpiece!
First I cut the shirts into 4" strips and made the ruffles. For the skirt I cut out a big rectangle twice the width of Lorelai's waist and 14" long. Then I cut out a big diagonal.
I lined up the triangle over the ruffles then folded down the top to make a casing for the elastic. The ruffle stuck out way past the bottom of the skirt so I cut one off and added a little lace. I used the excess ruffle for embellishment on Lorelai's shirt and called it an outfit!

Once again I fumbled the photos. I didn't get the pictures done before the markers came out so just pretend that is a perfectly white shirt, thanks.

This is Lorelai's go-to pose for pictures.
 I decided I didn't like the ruffles as a bustle and much preferred the senorita look with the ruffles opening up on her hip.

This was after Granddad gave her suggestions.
She came up with this on her own.
Oh yeah!
Every complete outfit needs a hair thing!
My gorgeous all-American girl showing off her curls!
Did that look like a $5 dress to you? 

I hope you enjoyed this 4th of July mini series. More projects will be coming soon!

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  1. this dress turned out too dang cute. haha and that totally is her "go to" pose for sure!