Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gymtastic Gymnastics!

Look at that little cutie! I can't believe it was over a year ago I took this pic at Lorelai's first day of mommy and me gymnastics. She switched to the preschool class after ten months and really really loves it. She reminds me through out the week that we need to get her leotard and go to gymnastics on Sunday (it's on Monday).

She has two leotards one that fits and one that does not (the one in the above picture). It always seems to happen that Monday comes around and we can not find the leotard that fits and then it is one hour of wedgie-ville, population: Lorelai. So I decided to take matters into my own crafty hands.

A little while back my aunt gave me some leotard fabrics to find something to do with. My first crazy thought was to make one of the fabrics into a skirt for myself. Total bomb. 
But fortunately for Lorelai (not so much for me) the skirt was large enough for me to cut out a leotard. I traced the pattern off of her swim suit and went to town.

Lorelai stayed entertained while I worked by playing with play-doh and chatting my ear off. She really is good company.
The first thing I did was sew the crotch seam. I did that because I thought it would be the most difficult part.
Then I stitched up the shoulder and side seams and let her try it on.
It was looking good.
She's such a crack up. I turned under all the raw edges and sewed a zig zag all the way around.
And it was done! We took it to class yesterday to try it out.
There are some necessary adjustments. It fits just like her swim suit which apparently isn't quite right for gymnastics because can you believe it? We still ended up in wedgie-ville! If I make another leotard (if? psh When!) I will make the neckline higher, the waist a little tighter and the leg holes a little bit smaller and hopefully that will contain those cheeks!
The funny thing of it all is SHE doesn't really notice/care about the wedgie. She was just excited that she had a new leotard and I'm sure she wont mind another, or ten.
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