Friday, July 15, 2011

D is for Desmond

This is my little brother Desmond. Today was the last day of school for him and now he has to suffer through twenty four days of summer vacation before schools comes along just to end it. You see, Desmond l.o.v.e.s. school, because he has just about the BEST teacher ever. We all adore teacher Kathy and we are so grateful she'll be teaching him again next year.

So to show just a small token of appreciation for the miracles she and all her teacher aides manage with Desmond I decided to make some cookies inspired by this post. The first night I cut out and baked the cookies.

The second night I was attacked!

Apparently I had some dye on my fingers when I itched my cheek. That night I put on the first layer.

In the morning I added the second layer.

That night I put on the final touches.

 Other than my feet in the picture can you see the difference between these cookies? 

The stems! When I mixed up all the colors I forgot to make brown. Grr. I also didn't bring brown dye. Sure you can mix a bunch of colors to make brown but I think that always ends up so ugly. As I was staring into my parents cupboard wishing my brown dye would teleport over from my house my eyes landed on this...

 PERFECT. Desmond's teachers are all women and hardly any women out there would object to the addition of a little chocolate, ha ha. I figured it was such a tiny part it wouldn't matter if it tasted a little different.

 I bagged up one apple, ruler, "D", and a couple of gold stars for each teacher and printed a picture, the one at the top of the post, of Desmond for each of them.
They were so gracious and loved their cookies. It was a great day.

For information on autism you can follow this link.


  1. i said it before, and i'll say it again... yummmm

  2. They turned out really cute Lisa! What a perfect ensemble of cookies for the teachers. And I love the way you made brown! Probably tasted great!