Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spun Sugar Knitting Pattern

While I was hanging out on Instagram the other day I scrolled upon (you know, like stumbling upon) @stitchmischifs knitting project and it was love at first sight! I had to have that pattern immediately. I did some minor stalking and found the pattern called Spun Sugar on Craftsy.com by Anadiomena.
I wanted to link to it but for some reason I can not find it again searching through Craftsy.
My mom bought the pattern as a gift and I was casting it on to my needles that same evening.

I have been knitting for only about 4 years now and only made two complete sweaters. The broncos sweater I just made is on time out in the kids closet because everything was perfect until the very last minute. His head wont go through the neckhole. I was so angry at it I had to banish it to the closet for the time being. The other one I made was a pretty blue sweater Lorelai. I was working on it last fall just before Mark was born and kept thinking, "there's no way that I'll finish this before Baby gets here!" but I was so wrong. I finished it and I was in love with it. Coming off of that finish I was feeling like I could handle ALL THE KNITTING patterns. Up until recently I was feeling really confident in my knitting skills and on top of that @stitchmischeif mentioned that this bodice pattern is GENIUS! 

Ugh. Maybe it is. Maybe I got too big for my britches but I struggled with it. I unknit and reknit a lot. Then I did it again. I battled my way through this sweater and fell out of love with it for a quite a while. When it came time to decide to add pockets or not I had, had so much bad luck deciphering this pattern I said heck no to dealing with pockets.
Now in the original pattern the designer had put rings around the bottom of the sweater but I really didn't care for them. They looked out of place to me so I opted out on the rings and threw in some cables instead, to tie in with the shoulder detail. Now my inexperience really is showing. What I didn't know before, but I do know now is that, that many cables would cinch the sweater together.
At the end of the day this was supposed to have a bolero-esque look to it anyway so I don't really care. I still like how the sweater turned out and I've learned a lot of lessons. The experience is too fresh I don't think I could knit this pattern again anytime soon but maybe sometime down the road.

I am interested in trying another one of her patterns though. I'm curious to know if my issues stemmed from

  • My deciphering skillz
  • If it just happens to be the way this designer explains things
  • Or was is a fluke
  I'm considering this one called Sweet Poppy.

What do you think of Sweet Poppy?

Is it worth trying another pattern by this same designer?


  1. i could sweat you've made more sweaters than two... did you not finish brett's camo that you were making one of the times i was there?
    i like the sweet poppy one. pretty cute indeed

    1. I worked on one for him but the fit was so off that I tossed it. You've reminded me that I did successfully knit a sweater vest for Kent that will fit make this winter! That's something.