Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016 Fitness Report

Total Steps- 316,362..... 4,000 of which were on a hike with my little ones at Rocky Mountain National Forest. I hope to get in a lot more mountain hikes this year.
Av. Steps/Day- 10,205
Miles Run- 40.25 miles.... Brett and I are now running the entire distance on each of our runs. No more run walking for us hardcore runners ;) Mileage is going to kick up a notch during February as we prepare for our Lucky Laces 10k in March. There's been a lot of snow around during our runs and February is already shaping up to bring us a lot more. Fortunately I'll be in California for a week! I think its going to be so luxurious running without ice or snow, warmer temps and FLAT ol' Modesto. Pictured below is what Brett and I refer to as Death Snow. Just a teensy thin layer, enough to go slip sliding around and never feel sure footed. It's actually less scary to run on a couple of inches worth of snow than to run on this stuff.
Barre Classes- 6.... In an effort to round out my fitness routine I started scoping out Groupon to find some deals on exercise classes. I came across one for The Bar Method Denver and jumped on the opportunity. The promotion was for 1 month of unlimited classes and after two classes I knew I never wanted it to end. After one week I could already see some major changes in my shape, exciting changes! I only thought then to take some measurements & pictures to compare and contrast a couple months down the road. I'm going to be a Club Bar member now so I can keep going every morning. Ask anyone around me. I'm totally addicted.

Happy February Everyone!
How was your January?


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