Thursday, January 21, 2016

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Plans

Hey sewing friends!
I mentioned at the first of the year that I have two quilts to sew in the next couple months and the time has come to get started on the first one. The colors for this wedding are Navy, Coral and Nude.

I'm in the gathering and prep stages right now. I have settled on a Double Wedding Ring Quilt and will be following the Free Spirit instructions as well as this tutorial. It is a lap sized quilt but one contributor included fabric requirements for a queen sized quilt and that is what I'll be doing. Crazy pants! A woman at Joann's asked what I was picking fabric out for and I told her, DWRquilt and she said, "Oh, you know those are hard right? I wouldn't attempt one". I didn't even know how to respond to that right off the bat. I just said, "Oh I know, it's going to be a great challenge".

Here are the fabrics I've gathered so far:
I nearly have all that I need. I am just waiting for an online purchase to show up. I thought I had ordered these two fabrics over a week ago but I never completed the purchase.
Untitled Untitled 
Well they've officially been purchased now and should arrive shortly.

The arches will be foundation paper pieced and I've got to print out 127 pages! That'll be 254 arches total. Gosh, I've got a lot of work ahead of me.

So while I am waiting for the last few fabrics to arrive I'll start cutting what I have and get those 127 pages printed and cut out.

One thing I've got to decide is, Do I want to have navy rings and coral rings or do I want them all mixed up together:
What do you think? Navy rings and coral rings or mix them up together?

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  1. i like the idea of mixing the fabrics up.
    i also like that the fabrics that you thought you had ordered were the two you sent me photos of first. haha