Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ramblings on a Wednesday Morning

Well, Hi! Let's rewind to the weekend. On Saturday Brett and I needed a super easy recovery run so we took the whole family and ran a super chill mile. Kent even ran some of the way though in this picture he is sitting on the front wheel of the stroller.
We moved to the 1130am block at church this Sunday and that means super lazy Sunday mornings. Gives Mark plenty of time for Mark and Puppy snuggles. Marker loves his Hugh Puppy.
I spent some time on Monday delving deeper into the workings of my lovely new Garmin and figured out how to put all my runs between now and our 10k in March into the Garmin calendar. I then synced that calendar to my watch and when it was time to run it was right where I needed it. Perfect!
As you can see in the picture it is also telling me that my next run is tonight!
So fascinating story for everyone, I have very little to do with Kent's shoes. I can tell him to put them on and put them away and that's the end of it. Except that yesterday one was missing. This one in fact and when I found it I looked inside and noticed this....
No wonder he's been complaining about walking because his foot hurts! We took him straight to the shoe store (that night, after dinner) and he was highly amused with this shoe size chart and made us all test our feet against Chewbacca. Look at that face!
Speaking of Star Wars: I picked up this book at Sam's club yesterday while the big kids were at school and they were ecstatic when bedtime story time came up and I whipped this out. Another point in the Mom jar.
Look at these sweet baby boys! Facebook informed me this morning that this is what Kent looked like 4 yrs ago today. I laughed and quickly took a picture of Mark today, today because they are wearing the same pair of jammies! Kent is 15 mos in this picture and was very sick at the time. He happened to have a bad ear infection but this was also at the height of trying to figure out why he was losing weight (and height) about a month before his kidney failure was discovered. Mark is perfectly healthy and 16 mos old in the picture :)
Untitled Untitled
Here's the last thing I wanted to share. I'm currently knitting a sweater for Kent. Hopefully this one will fit over his big head. When I last showed off my work to Emily we were scratching our heads over how this would end up looking like a sweater. Those little flappy things make it look very confusing especially when there was only 50 stitches between them. It is starting to take shape.
Then my mom told me that eventually I would sew those flappy things together and to the back of the sweater and suddenly it started to make sense. I used safety pins to demonstrate what it is supposed to look like. In the picture we can see the back and the shoulders and a little ways down the front. Right now it is as if I am making a cardigan but when I get a bit lower down I will connect the front edges, turning it into a V-Neck sweater.
Happy Hump Day to you all!
How are your New Year's Resolutions going?

Anyone resolved to get running?
My resolution is to KEEP running.

What craftiness have you got going on at the moment?


  1. today, i shall answer your prompts:
    i'm on day 3 of a 21 day "biggest loser" get fit challenge group.
    i want tacos and i hate my life. but i want to potentially win some money. that's sort of a resolution.
    additionally, i've almost finished my first (of a few) cross stitch projects

  2. Doggone it Em. Now all I can think about is tacos.