Friday, January 8, 2016

A Yarn Post Kind of Day

Wednesday I tried to get some knitting in while the baby napped and the big kids were at school but alas I only snapped this pic and knit for about 6 minutes before I got called back to Kent's class for a change of clothes. Oh well, Downton time had to wait until yesterday.

So my brain is a frustrating thing. I'm clearly involved in a serious knitting project at the moment, I am gathering up fabric for uber wedding quilt construction, and I'm busy as heck but I've decided I need to crochet a baby afgan. What?? Well, Rachel and I are throwing a mini- bridal, bridal, baby shower for my brother in laws fiances and I decided the baby needs an afghan. Jason's fiance has already sewn a quilt for the baby so I thought an afghan would be nice. BUUT before I could get started on any of that I had to randomly make a beanie for Mark. I saw this pattern on Repeat Crafter Me and it had to be done. I love how sweet it is!
So now the afghan: I think I'll be doing this free pattern I found on Ravelry by Celeste Young: RainbowRipple
I picked up these skeins at Joann's and will be alternating multi and solid yellow with the white in between.

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  1. so wait. is it a bride, bride, baby shower, or a bride, bride/baby shower?
    anyways, i like the starbursty ness