Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Date Night & The Weekend

Hey! This weekend was a great one. Saturday night Brett and I went on a date to the shooting range. This is something I've been wanting to do for quite a long time but didn't know how to go about arranging it. Last Monday I opened an email from Groupon and came across this deal for an hour in the lane, gun, ammo, safety gear and two nefarious bad guys. Perfect!
We left the kids with a sitter and got down with our bad selves. Brett went first because I was pretty nervous. I've never shot a hand gun and haven't shot any kind of gun since I was a teenager. I didn't need to fear. When it was my turn I picked it up pretty quickly and that bad guy didn't stand a chance.
When our bullets were spent and our time was up we headed to the car and I looked at the pictures Brett took. I schooled him on the proper angle which to take the shot. His vs. Mine. You can't even tell I'm holding a gun. I felt like the Instagram Wife.

We finished the night at Texas Roadhouse and I was thrilled to find out they have an Awesome Blossom. My night was complete. Perfect date night. I didn't even care Brett kept getting distracted by the Stealers game ;)
Sunday at church I was cruising the halls with my walking baby when nature called and I needed to put him somewhere he couldn't run away from. #momlife is a glamorous one. You're welcome for the visual.
The missionaries came over for dinner and Mark and Elder Lavaka chatted like they were old friends. It was precious.
After dinner all chaos broke loose. Bouncy balls were flying, kids were shrieking, Hugh Puppies were spinning and the baby Hulked out. Another fun evening in the books.
What have you got going on this week?

What is your idea of an awesome date night?

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  1. that elder looks terrified for his life.
    sadly, i can relate with frisbees in your living room.

    erika and i went and got chili bread bowls and froyo.
    it was quite the riveting date night.