Saturday, January 9, 2016

Some Saturday Things

Brett and I ran 4 miles last night! That is the furthest I've run since I was pregnant with Kent! It was slow going but it wasn't awful. I felt like if I maintained my pace I could have gone a lot further.
Now for some random photos from my phone:
Did I mention how much Mark loves his doggy? Hugh loves him too. He lets Mark hug and pile drive him to Mark's content. Never gets mouthy or feisty with him. I think Hugh realizes Mark is the puppy of the family.
Mark is very offended by the tea towel hanging from the oven handle and throws it down at every opportunity.
Lorelai and Kent like to play "Spies" and recently wrote up and read to me their list of spy rules.
1. Be Quiet 2. Sneak 3. Hide 4. Don't fart 5. Have a scarf 6. Have a notebook.
Another pic of my favorite snow baby, just for fun!
I purchased this shooting range package from Groupon and Brett and I are hoping to get to use it tonight for date night!
What are your weekend plans?

Tell me something random from your week....


  1. "don't fart" is an excellent spy rule.
    clearly you have to be quiet from both ends.

    1. I know! Kent had to read the list to me a second time because I laughed too hard after don't fart.