Monday, January 11, 2016

10k Training Week 1

Untitled Monday 2.5 miles- This run felt fantastic. I feel like I've been building up enough strength that running two and a half wasn't intimidating and I was able to just get out and do it! 31m37s, 12:40/mi pace.

Wednesday 2.5 miles- The snow was finally all gone!! This run felt a tad more difficult but we ran it a bit faster! 30m41s 12:17/mi pace.

Friday 4 miles- The snow is back. It snowed off and on from early Thursday morning until Friday afternoon. Mostly light but still left snow in my way.

An easier week coming up here:
Tonight: 2 mile

Wednesday: 2 mile

Friday: 3

The following week things get kicked up a notch, four runs per week and longer distances. Sounds fun!


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