Thursday, January 7, 2016

Light Sabers, Piano & Yosemite

Another run on the books. Our pace is rather laughable but we are only just getting going! Training for our 10k is about to get real, 4 miles this weekend!
Kent wanted me to share his new shoes. So Cool!

He says the light sabers make him go even faster!
The boys had a great time getting their energy out at the park today. This picture of Mark swinging was when we first got there.
He burned off all his energy. In his second swing session he fell asleep and slept in the swing for about 10 minutes and then on my shoulder for another 40 min.
Wednesday is my busiest day of the week after all the running around we nearly forgot to go to piano. Which would have been a shame because we love piano. Lorelai's teacher is the absolute best.
Last night I looked at my instagram just before bed and saw this beautiful scene.
I don't know this guy, Taylor Burk, but I follow him because he posts the most beautiful naturescapes and inspires me to get outside and explore the wilderness more. This picture of Yosemite took my breath away and made me more homesick than you can believe. Colorado is great and all, but it doesn't have Yosemite.
What is your busiest day of the week?

Do you have a favorite National Park?


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