Friday, May 20, 2016

Farmer's Wife Friday Week 1

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 1 of Farmer's Wife Fridays!
To recap I am embarking on the awesome journey of my first Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt. My ultimate goal is to have this quilt done in time to be a Christmas present for me and my husband. Breaking down that goal I hope to have all the 145 blocks done by my birthday (Oct 16). That means each week I aim to complete 6-7 little 6.5" blocks, though I wont hold myself back if I'm feeling like knocking out a few extra one week.
IMG_0143 (1)
1. Attic Windows

This week I made 6 blocks and I have a few thoughts on the process. This book and the set up are not my favorite.
IMG_0144 (1)
2. Autumn Tints

I would highly discourage any beginner from using this book. You need to be quite familiar with different quilt blocks and various methods of construction and ironing. This book offers no help in that regard.
IMG_0180 (1)
3.Basket- still needs a handle, must pick up heat-n-bond this weekend,

Which isn't quite fair because most of the blocks are fairly simple and could be done by a beginner with just a tad more instruction.
4. Basket Weave

Another irritating thing is that you can't print more than one template per page and some pieces are barely bigger than an inch! Oy.
IMG_0146 (1)
5. Bat Wing

In the end though, I love my blocks and I am certain this quilt is going to be adorable. IMG_0147 (1)
6. Big Dipper

Now the question I put to you all, Block 1 Attic Windows, Should I switch the green for a navy print? I don't feel like the green quite fits but my husband likes it so I'm torn. What do you think I should do?


  1. i feel like the green will blend well once it is worked in to other blocks. assuming that you have more to do so with.

    1. I do have plenty more green. I guess I'll just leave it for now.

  2. Are you going to add in navy anywhere else, or are you just using the one fabric bundle (that doesn't have any navy in it)? I think that Navy in general will add sparkle as it would be "dark" in an otherwise light/medium quilt.

    1. Yes I'm going to use a few navy's from the older Bonnie and Camille lines a little here a little there.