Monday, May 23, 2016

Pattern Testing, Annex Double-Zip Box Pouch

Hey all, some fun stuff has been going on over here. I recently had the opportunity to test a pattern for Sara of Sew Sweetness. I did the Annex Double-Zip Box Pouch that she released this weekend and I am so excited to share it!

The pattern comes with three options: small, medium, and large. Originally I was going to make the pouch in the medium size but I had a fabric in mind and after looking at the finished measurements I knew the large would be the perfect fit.

So here it is! My AD-ZBP! In Eden by Tula Pink. side
The pattern suggests using two different color zips to make it easier to remember what is in which pocket but with my fabric it felt so imbalanced. I've seen other testers bags and love how their two color zips turned out and even though I've suffered from opening the wrong zip I still feel like the same color zips were the correct choice for me, aesthetically speaking.
My linings are different though! I love that elephant fabric. If you look closely you can see his one eye peeking out at you :)
two linings
Is it weird that my favorite part of the bag is the bottom? Haha, I'm just so thrilled with how the patterns lined up and looks so sharp. It even looks like there are two little butterflies on either edge!
All in all this pattern testing was a joy. The pattern went together very smoothly and was a super quick project, not quite 1 hour but very close. The ease in which the pattern is written sets the bar very high for other pattern designers. I made some monkeys shortly after making this bag and the instructions were so frustrating and lacking in many ways. It was such a let down after following the boxy pattern. I highly recommend that you pick up this pattern for all your boxy pouch needs ;)
If you are interested in picking up your own copy of the pattern you can find it and more details from Sara herself, here.

Have a happy Monday friends, I'll see you later this week!
Have you ever done any pattern testing?

Have you ever made one of Sara's other bags?

Do you get as ridiculously excited about lining up your prints as I do?? Please say you do :)


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