Friday, June 24, 2011

Dance Land

Well I don't know if you know but June is recital month in Dance Land. While I am currently out of the dance scene I am just biding my time until Lorelai is old enough to start ballet classes *cough cough Sept 2012 cough cough*.

In the meantime I am

1. planning which ballets I'll be introducing her to over then next year, ie. The Nutcracker and so forth
2. staying loosely connected to the dance scene by
a. obsessively watching SYTYCD,
b. watching my dad and sisters recital,
c. and helping my aunt with costumes for their recital.

That is where this blog comes in.
Joanie asked if I would add some so color and ruffle to these black circle skirts. With the cute tank tops the black skirts needed a little something something to make them pop!

With the ruffle attachment on my serger I made quick and easy work of this project. Until I realized I had gotten it backwards and made two blue instead of two pink which resulted in this...
Lorelai has a pettiskirt with this color and zebra print so I'm envisioning a matching ruffly top.
But here is Em rocking it out.. Admire!

Now this is the request I was excited about. Joanie wanted a teenage sized pettiskirt for Aileen. She is the 'valley girl' in the far right of the picture.

Now I'll tell you what, that pettiskirt took a BOAT-load of fabric so I don't see myself doing this regularly but I do love the result!

I hope you enjoyed this foree into Dance Land. Come back soon to enjoy more projects!


  1. i'm so glad my mom is sending you awkward photos of me to put on your blog... thankfully, that isn't the worst of it! haha.

    and this post is just another reminder we need to get on making that picture of lorelai happen before she gets any bigger!

  2. My daughter is in Ballet, and loves it. Cheri, for some reason your email did not work for me, but check out this post...

    PS. I would love to follow your blog, but I don't know if it is just a family blog, or one you want public?