Saturday, June 18, 2011

I say Ruffle, you say Bum! RUFFLE BUM!

I think Joanie was joking but I loved the idea...
We went camping this last week and I couldn't wait to go hiking. A couple of weeks ago I got some new hiking pants, some 'authentic vintage camo pants'. They are uber comfortable and I love them. Lorelai was really impressed with them and told me I looked wonderful.

That got me thinking. Lorelai could use her own pair of camo camping pants. Joann's has a little section of camo print fabrics that I have been trying to find an excuse to buy and my opportunity finally came!

With my 50% off coupon in hand I headed to one of the happiest places in Modesto and picked up my more expensive than I would have liked almost denim camo fabric.

And so I began:
First I took a pair of Lorelai's pants and traced a pattern. One of my favorite pant making tips came from Dana at Made. She said when tracing a pants pattern off of a pair you own, to make sure and make a front AND a back piece. So I did!

Then I cut out my fabric and eyeball measured and cut out some pockets.

I wanted very much to have the pockets because I think the details like that take a project from looking overly home-made to 'legit'. Unfortunately that ambition robbed Kent of a matching pair of camping pants. There was just barely too little fabric left. *sigh*

In my quest for legitimacy I surged all my edges as the pants went together and I really like the difference that made. These are a serious pair of pants. Well almost...

Now I'm sure Joanie was teasing me about girlie-ing up these camo pants but I loved the idea soo much that I used the scraps to make a ruffle bottom!

That's all there is to it. They were thoroughly loved. Enjoy.


  1. haha those are super cute
    every little camper girl needs ruffle butt camo pants

  2. SO cute, I just love a good ruffle bum! That is a great tip about making a pattern from the front and back of pants, I will have to try that next time! Thanks for Showing Off!