Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ele-bum

A while ago I got the urge to make some throw pillows and I ran with it. I made two pillows that I am very happy with; one being this adorable little fellow.

I love everything about this pillow especially the background fabric and the button eye but I felt like it just wasn't complete... something was missing. Then it came to me!

So here is how the ele-bum pillow was formed...
1. I took my ele-face and lined it up with the body fabric to make sure the size was right. I crudely sketched and cut out my elephant hind quarters.
2. I cut out one 14.5"x14.5" of background fabric for the front of the pillow and two 9.5"x14.5" rectangles for the back of the pillow.
3. I basted on his tail.
4. I pinned him to the front piece and appliqued the bum in place.
5. I sat back to admire my work.
6. I lined up my back pieces with the front, right sides together, pinned them together envelope style and sewed it up!
7. Finally I turned it right sides out and united head and tail. feel free to admire!

If you are interested in the pillow fight go here for the deets. Linking up begins Jun 15!


  1. Such a fun pillow! I love how it is in two parts! Thanks so much for taking part in the Pillow Fight!


  2. I LOVE these!!! Super cute! (and that pick in your header with your lil' one sitting on the table as you sew, wonderful! Isn't that real life!?) :)

  3. This is stinkin' cute! Fab idea and really great execution!

  4. Too cute! They look great! Come check out our cases for the Pillow Fight.