Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 7 Recap 2014

So this last week I played catch up a little bit, around the house, around the blog, and with my sewing.

Let me back up a little bit... At the beginning of January I told Brett I wanted him to build a doll bed for Lorelai's American Girl doll (+plus mine) and he pretty much said, okay, whatever. Fast forward to the Saturday before Lorelai's birthday he asked me what her main present would be. Hello! I told him, I don't know because I wanted the bed to be the big present and he never made it. Haha, he told me that he could have one built by Thursday. So all of a sudden I needed to make doll bedding! Well, I ran out of time. I only had one pillow and one blanket done for her big day. Brett totally knocked it out of the park though! In three and a half days he built and painted (twice) a triple bunk bed.

 He used scrap wood from work and left over foam pieces for the mattresses. The only thing we had to pay for was the fabric and I had coupons! Such a good deal. It only cost $20 all together. Hop on over to and see how that compares!

 So like I said, this week I played catch up and finished off the bedding. Then we took the bed outside for a little fun and photo shoot. The girls thought it was so fun that the bed was outside. 2.15.6 2.15.3 2.15.4 2.15.5

There you have it. I always enjoy posts where I get to brag about my handy hubs! Check back later this week. I'll be sharing my method for making the mattress covers!


  1. haha the doll posing cracks me up in the second one.
    that bed is quite impressive, that's for sure.
    nicely done.

    1. The doll posing was the best part of the photo shoot! The girls thought it was hilarious watching me pose them just to have them fall.