Friday, August 22, 2014

Nesting, It's Really Getting to Me

This little angel baby I've been growing will be making his appearance this month! That's so soon and the nesting instinct is kicking my trash! Is it so wrong that I want to feel ready for baby? No, but it kind of amuses me how frantic I feel about it recently. I kind of blame the fact that my niece was born recently. I think that really threw my hormones in a panic. Haha.

It's been good though, I dawdled a bit wondering if anyone would be throwing me a shower but when it looked like that wasn't going to happen I went out and bought diapers and wipes and some cloth diapers (my ultimate go to burp rag, I'll post more about that a little further down the road). Then I realized I needed more space for these things and the space I had in mind was full of craft corner over flow. Something needed to be done. I fully believed my shelves could contain it, I just needed to get organized.

Em must have felt my vibes all the way in California because at just the right time she pinned this pin and it was just the kick in the pants I needed to take my fabric corner from this...
To this...
What you can't see in the first picture is that a lot of my fabric and ribbons are spewed onto the ground at the end of my bed which is where my crib is needing to go. You can see now we are good to go!

First, I pulled all the fabric off the shelves and stood there a little overwhelmed. Then, I went to the comic book store and bought some little boards. I used these to make my own mini fabric bolts and you can see what a difference they have made. We went from 8 shelves of helter/skelter fabric to just over five beautifully organized shelves of fabric.

There were some fabrics left over that were gigantic. Way too big to be rolled around the comic boards and that's where those cardboard boxes came in handy. Brett brought home these perfectly sized boxes and I used them to fold and hide away those large cuts of fabric. They also came in handy for my batting, my 'in-progress' yarn projects (Up there on the right), scrap fabric and I even used one to store Brett's project! I love them, I slapped on some labels and now they are perfect for hiding away those odds and ends.

Next step was to control the yarn. Brett kicked all my yarn out of its home when he put the DVD player up there on that top shelf. I don't have a lot of yarn (compared to an actual "yarn crafter" sewing is my main game) and I really felt that the best case solution was to get it all back on that top shelf. I bought a little wire shelf and put it over the DVD player and added all my yarn back in as attractively as possible.

Clearing out all that crazy fabric left me with an open shelve under the yarn so that it where my serger thread migrated to. Separating it from my ribbon shelf has been wonderful, no more spools or thread or ribbon making suicide jumps anymore.

After that was taken care of I had Brett come into the game again and he drilled a couple of holes on the shelf so that I could add some dowels to hold my ribbons! I like how it looks now but I'm not sure that it will be the ultimate ribbon solution but for now it is working and I'll reevaluate in a couple of months.
It is so much nicer now! The pathway is clear, I can see what I have at a glance, and that's one more thing off my crazy nesting mind :)
I know we all love a good before and after so this is just for you!
Have a good weekend everyone!


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