Friday, August 29, 2014

Feature Friday: My Moby Wrap

I had hoped to model this with the real deal angel baby but that kid is really taking his time and I couldn't wait to share about the awesome deal I got!

A few months into my pregnancy I decided that this time around I wanted to be a baby wearer (did you know that was a thing, ha!). There was a woman in my ward that had a Moby Wrap and that really seemed like the way to go. Only problem, they are about $50. That just does not fly with me. So I put the thought on the back burner until I came across a pin that led me to this blog post. It was super useful because all I really needed to know was how much fabric to buy (2.5yds).

Now some more waiting. You see, I wanted to get the good fabric and the good fabric is $15 a yard and never goes on sale. Then this past Sunday I got this glorious text message...
Wooo! It only took some minor arm twisting and I convinced Brett to take me to Joann's. I found my favorite fabric, confirmed that it was NOT on sale, it wan't, it never is, and I BOUGHT it. Gleefully. It was only $15. I hurried home and made my wrap. 20 minutes later I had this happiness. $15 vs. $50 happiness is the BEST! I can't wait to try it out on my real babe but in the meantime we had fun with these fine models :) Enjoy. Untitled Untitled
Brett humored me but Lorelai was truly excited to try it out.

Untitled Untitled
Thank you Bitty Baby for standing in during our time of need.

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