Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Patterns on Craftsy

Hey all. This year since Mark was born has flown past and tons of things have happened. A few that I feel I should catch you up on.

I stumbled into the world of instagram quilting and it has introduced me to so many new things! I've been sewing lots of mini quilts for IG swaps and that has been awesome. I've made tons of new sewing friends, learned new skills and acquired a lot of new goodies. I also learned of a methond called paper piecing. Machine paper piecing. This method is fantastic and opens up a whole new world of detailed sewing. I've enjoyed it so much I've even created a few my own and put them up for sale on Craftsy.

The first one I made was Tinkerbell!

I designed this Tinkerbell for a swap I was in and I couldn't find a Tinkerbell that matched my idea in my head.
After Tink I made Wonder Woman, Super Girl, and Bat Girl for my Lorelai. These three are available on Craftsy individually or as a group.
They were fun to make and seem to appreciated by the masses ;) I feel like Tink needs a fairy friend and I've got an idea in my head for full bodied super heroines. We'll see what I can come up with.

Yesterday was kind of a lazy day. I opened up an exciting email first thing in the morning and couldn't think about anything else the rest of the day. IMG_6184
The Sew Pro Convention! Even Brett thinks I need to go. Yes! Just waiting for pay day (ToMoRRoW!) to register. So many more details on that as time goes on. I think Emily should go too ;)
I watched my friends baby while she worked yesterday. Kent says he loves having babies to take care of and Lorelai was upset that our baby friend went home before she got home from school. He spent a lot of time sitting on this laundry bag full of PVC pipes.

Finally my friend just got back from a visit to Utah and she said while she was there she just HAD to pick up some milk. Seriously? She said we had to try it, it's root beer milk! It was an instant hit at our house.

Tell me, do you like the patterns you've seen?

What other patterns would you like to see?

Anyone else dying to go to Sew Pro?

Ever tried root beer milk? Would you want to?


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