Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just Your Average Monday

Lorelai is off school for the next three weeks and terrorizing us all. Just kidding but, I do think she is pretty bored. There is a lot of structure at school and we don't do a whole lot around the house, especially with Kent fresh home from the hospital.

She came up behind me while I was blogging and asked if this was my "sewing log". Haha, yes this is where I write about my sewing adventures. Well now she wants to have a blog too.
So now she does :) You can follow her story over at Kid Wonder Woman Sews, I've got the button there to the side---->
As you can imagine setting up a blog took up most of my day.
Now that she has a blog to talk about her sewing she is in more of a rush to get sewing but her machine wasn't working so I spent another little while sorting that out.
One I got the machine opened to see what was going on it was actually a quick fix. Thank goodness.
I once thought, "Oh it'll be so fun if Lorelai gets into sewing we can sew along together happy as can be!" Haha, it actually takes quite a bit of time from my own sewing but oh well. I still am thrilled that she wants to try doing the things I do and enjoys it.

It's lonely here in my corner of the sewing world with no sewing friends around but I'm grateful Em still takes me on her shopping trips. Lorelai was totally impressed that I was weighing in on Emily's fabric choices even though we are in two different states. Untitled

I spent much of the rest of my free time sorting out the rest of my knitting pattern for my nephews Christmas stocking and finding the pattern I want to follow for his baby quilt. Hopefully I get around to cutting that out today.

Oh and just for fun, Look at this grape I found while making my husbands lunch --->
We left it in the bunch for the kids to find.
Have a happy day all!
Do you have sewing friends near by?

What kind of machine do you use?

Do your kids steal your sewing time?

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  1. holy mutant grape, batman!
    as i scrolled down, i went "hey, that fabric looks familiar!"