Monday, August 17, 2015

Time for Some Catching Up.

Kent and I spent all of last week at the Children's Hospital. He had surgery on Monday and it was a pretty tough recovery. I spent most of my time tending to his needs but there were a few quiet moments when he was asleep or happily watching a movie. During these quiet moments anxiety and stress would settle in and I would just ache to do something crafty. Ideally I would have sewn but I was all out of hand sewing projects. Fortunately, I have a baby nephew on the way and he is going to need a Christmas stocking in the next couple months so I was able to use this time to work on that.
For his parents I made Ninja Turtle Stockings and for his sis I made a San Francisco Giants stocking. For this future Broncos fan I am working on a Broncos stocking. I was able to finish the entire jersey portion of the stocking while we were in the hospital.

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We got to come home Friday and I spent the rest of that day tidying and sleeping and Saturday I worked on getting us all back to our normal routine. I must have been in a serious nesting mood because I made 15 Crock Pot freezer bag meals and I managed to fit them all into my tiny freezer!
Sunday the boys and I stayed home from church because the Dr doesn't want Kent going out and about for another week. He's feeling a lot better and was happily entertaining himself so when Mark went down for a nap I pulled out my sewing machine and got started on a new baby quilt! I finished the quilt top last night and I am finally starting to feel like me again! Untitled
Oh! I hit a pin and it didn't break my needle but I did have to open up my machine to fish the broken bit back out.

Have you had a child stay at a Children's Hospital?

Freezer meals? Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Do you pull out your pins or sew over them?
I try to pull them out. I missed one this time.


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