Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Born to Run Born to Sew?, Thursday's Goals

Last night was our last run before our 5k on Thursday. It went very well and Brett and I feel like we will be ready for tomorrow!
On New Year's Eve Brett and I are running in the Res5k_Website_Header
and we are very excited.

We only started training one month ago so I don't have high expectations at all. I'm coming from a few years of very minimal exercise and we wanted to be sure to start out slow to avoid injury and/or burn out. We've been following a 5k plan on my phone and I've been extremely happy with how things are going.

They say when you are approaching a race you should set 3 race day goals.
A. One that is stupid easy to accomplish
B. One that should be attainable based on your training
C. One that could happen if all the stars align, the weather, wind, and roads cooperate and you manage to fart at just the right time.

That way if B& C fall through at least you have A.

So here are my goals for Thursday:
A: 45 min finish. A few months ago Lorelai and I did a 5k that I did not prepare for in anyway and we finished in 45 min.
B: 36 min finish. Brett and I have been running about a 12 minute mile so barring any unforeseen drama, this should be attainable.
C. Sub 33 min finish. Ha, who know's maybe conditions will be perfect, maybe adrenaline will be out of control and the perfect fart will propel me across the finish line at just the right time. Then again maybe not ;)

I'm hoping for B.

I haven't sewn in several weeks. I've been wanting to get back to it for a long time, I am soo behind on several obligations but things have been SO busy and we were sick for several weeks it just kept not happening. Until yesterday!
I was able to quilt this mini and sew several other blocks to get me all caught up on the I Heart B and C Sampler Bee. I just need to hand sew the binding on the mini quilt and mail everything off. That's going to feel so good!

I might have been able to get some sewing done on Monday but I was completely wrapped up in needing to finish my book. Late Monday afternoon I finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it was excellent! I highly recommend this book to runners and non runners alike. It was well written and so inspiring. It focused on the Tarahumara tribe down in Mexico and the authors journey to run with these super-human runners. As I ran last night I thought a lot about what I had read and applied it to my form and general enjoyment of the activity. I'm trying to hunt it down on audio so I can get Brett to listen to it. I desperately need someone to chat about it with me!

What kind of races have you done recently?

Do you have a book you're super excited to talk about?


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