Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Some Weekend Stuff

While Em is partying hardy in the happiest place on Earth,
I am chilling at home doing nothing terribly exciting and hanging out with my favorite people.

Not much has happened since Christmas and while that has been great I am ready to start getting stuff done.

First a few pics from our weekend.
Saturday we didn't manage to stay away from the shops. The kids got some Christmas money and were ready to spend it! Lorelai's $10 did not cover this $99 Chewbacca, too bad so sad.
Sunday was church, my last day teaching Lorelai's class! Followed up by an afternoon of this... new kindle, chocolate and my Wonder Woman snuggy. Perfection. I just finished this book and it was fantastic! I'll fill you in soon.
Untitled Monday a shocking belated Christmas gift showed up in the mail! I was so thrilled and Lorelai yelled, "Dad got you the purple one! He got the purple one!" I spent the whole afternoon excited for my run so I could try it out. It was fabulous in case you were wondering.Untitled

So here we are. The first in my long line of things to be productive about was to clean out the fridge. I am delighted with the loveliness that is my fresh clean fridge.

Now to get caught up on my sewing. I am DETERMINED to get sewing done today when Mark goes down for his nap and the kids get kicked outside for play. I will be getting caught up on swap blocks and listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerers's Stone for about the 1000th time. So glad it's finally on Audible!
What are you doing this fine Tuesday?

Anyone still stuck in the holidays or are you ready to move on?

What are you reading?
I just finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and have started Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

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  1. Look at that fridge!!!

    You have sewn a lot of projects this year! And you always read the book for book club! Lol. And you have three kids?!
    Where do you find the time?